Friday, December 30, 2005

Despite the explosions it sure is quiet around here.

The silence is deafening.
Why is no one speaking about what is going on here? I gave up on mainstream media ages ago when I figured out all they did was basically two things, function as a state propaganda machine and provide tens of thousands of hours of mindless drivel to distract us from anything of importance. Now given that I think those two things are facts and not just my opinion it still doesn't explain why in my day to day world almost nobody I come in contact with talks about the war (especially the one in Afghanistan) "Huh What war?" Nor do I hear anyone talking about the criminal in the whitehouse who has openly admitted to breaking the law. Whenever I bring these issues up most people look at me like I have just violated thier favorite pet.
To refresh your memory, people are getting killed there every day.
Iraq Coalition Casualties
I haven't heard anything lately on our local news channels, it's almost become a non event. Unless of course one of the unfortunate dead is from our city and then the local media whores run out to interview the victims tramatized family while they are still in shock from the news. Then there is lots of coverage until the funeral, and then once again, silence. It makes me want to vomit.
So getting back to what I was wondering I think I have an answer. Besides the constant brainwashing from the idiot box,
Besides an ever increasing struggle to provide for our families, besides all the other things that keep most americans preoccupied 20 hours a day, besides everything we do to keep us too damn busy to pay attention too damn often is the fact that we are killing brown people. That's right, america is really good at killing brown people. It's a part of who we are as a nation starting from day one. You know it's true. If anything Katrina did besides destroy half that seaboard is that it exposed the blatant rascism of our political leaders and our willingness to turn a blind eye to what is always visible right at the fringe of our attention. And we just sat there and watched. Who gives a shit anyways.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dictators love secrecy.

Busy day while trying to recover from this 24 hour bug I was afflicted with. I only had time to read a few things tonight, this one stuck out. Yet more proof of the insanity and paranoia coming out of Washington these days.
Note to self: read this guy more often..

The Galloping Beaver: The Next Bush Target - Freedom Of Information?

This is an excellent read also. t r u t h o u t - Matt Taibbi | The Magical Victory Tour: "Bush and his
mouthpieces continue to try to obfuscate and cloud the issue of why we're in Iraq, and they do so not only selectively but constantly, compulsively, like mental patients who can't stop jacking off in public."

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Show me your papers!

I'm sick today and feel like somebody beat me with a stick, so here is a few cheerful links to help you wake up to the fact that we are under attack by a squadrun of lunatics posing as a presidential administration. Please let us impeach this madman.

Another unlikely patriot standing up to the fascists.
Deborah Davis: "Next Stop: Big Brother"

Well no shit, like I didn't know this already.: "Psychoanalyst describes Bush as 'paranoid megalomaniac,' 'untreated alcoholic'"

The folks at unknownnews have some Nice bumper stickers
and other good stuff. Spread the word.

Lots of disturbing info here at War Is A Racket including links to many pictures that the ass-munching bush doesn't want you to see.

This site does a pretty good job keeping an eye on those fundamentalist wacko's that love president shit-for-brains so much.
TheBlatantTruth: Rise of the religionists: "exposing the Bush Doctrine of greed, repression and fraud"

I hate to say I told you so...
"Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Homeland Security Team

Here's a picture of Howlin' Big Dog with the brains behind our security team. His name is Buddy, but in a household of blues lovers and guitar players, he's gotta have a blues name too so I call him Big Nakita Flodine when we are playing and howlin'. Dogs sure do love those high notes, makes them sing like crazy. Anyways, Big Nakita is the real deal when it comes to spotting evil doers anywhere near the compound. When he's on security detail we call him The Commander. Nothing escapes his watch. Squirrels, cats, joggers, birds, rabbits, cars..If it gets anywhere near the perimeter, he's all over it from his Command post recliner.
His job is to spot the offending "bad boy" then give a warning bark which alerts Howlin' Big Dog who then jumps up from his never ending nap ready to stomp some ass. Then they both run to the nearest window closest to the trouble and bark like idiots until I give them the all clear signal. If that dipshit hitlerchimp bush would have had a qualified top-notch security expert like Big Nakita Flodine instead of that bloated moron Tom Ridge in charge of homeland security we would have caught Osama in two days flat.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Say hello to my little friend.

Meet Chuck, Howling Big Dog Chuck. That's his blues name. He likes naps, treats and his family. He's huge.
He is the chief enforcer of homeland security here at the firecrow family compound. He is always on duty looking for evil doer's except when he is sleeping. He is also obviously the coolest dog that ever lived.
I am going to use his coolness and doggy superpowers to help impeach then imprison that lying piece of shit bush. I'm not sure how we are going to go about that yet, but between Chuck and I we'll figure it out. You can help us by first becoming conscious and looking around you. What do you see if you discard the media's 24 hour a day political spin on the worlds condition? Take a look.. It's kind of scary isn't it. Don't worry, Chuck can help us, all 175 pounds of him. Impeach bush.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Seems everyone has one....

So why not me? A Blog? Well like most of us that are barely hanging on to the illusion of being in the middle class, I'm busy!
I have bills to pay with a blue collar job. Mortgages, cars, credit cards, two kids in college and one more on the way there soon. You get the picture. Who else but the wealthy has the time to write a blog anyways? Who has time to do much of anything except struggle to keep their family clothed, housed and put food in their bellies? Or to quote our Supreme Commander G.W.Chimpy " I'm workin' hard to put food on my family"
I'm tired and busy g-dammit!
But alas, no more excuses, there are too many things that need to be said, too many lies that need to be exposed, too many truths being buried under the mountain of corporate fascist slime that has buried this country up to it's eyeballs in hypocrisy and deceit. Enough already. So today as we celebrate the baby Jebus's birthday with an orgy of consumerism gone insane I toss my two cents into the air and hope somebody is listening...

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