Friday, December 30, 2005

Despite the explosions it sure is quiet around here.

The silence is deafening.
Why is no one speaking about what is going on here? I gave up on mainstream media ages ago when I figured out all they did was basically two things, function as a state propaganda machine and provide tens of thousands of hours of mindless drivel to distract us from anything of importance. Now given that I think those two things are facts and not just my opinion it still doesn't explain why in my day to day world almost nobody I come in contact with talks about the war (especially the one in Afghanistan) "Huh What war?" Nor do I hear anyone talking about the criminal in the whitehouse who has openly admitted to breaking the law. Whenever I bring these issues up most people look at me like I have just violated thier favorite pet.
To refresh your memory, people are getting killed there every day.
Iraq Coalition Casualties
I haven't heard anything lately on our local news channels, it's almost become a non event. Unless of course one of the unfortunate dead is from our city and then the local media whores run out to interview the victims tramatized family while they are still in shock from the news. Then there is lots of coverage until the funeral, and then once again, silence. It makes me want to vomit.
So getting back to what I was wondering I think I have an answer. Besides the constant brainwashing from the idiot box,
Besides an ever increasing struggle to provide for our families, besides all the other things that keep most americans preoccupied 20 hours a day, besides everything we do to keep us too damn busy to pay attention too damn often is the fact that we are killing brown people. That's right, america is really good at killing brown people. It's a part of who we are as a nation starting from day one. You know it's true. If anything Katrina did besides destroy half that seaboard is that it exposed the blatant rascism of our political leaders and our willingness to turn a blind eye to what is always visible right at the fringe of our attention. And we just sat there and watched. Who gives a shit anyways.


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