Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Homeland Security Team

Here's a picture of Howlin' Big Dog with the brains behind our security team. His name is Buddy, but in a household of blues lovers and guitar players, he's gotta have a blues name too so I call him Big Nakita Flodine when we are playing and howlin'. Dogs sure do love those high notes, makes them sing like crazy. Anyways, Big Nakita is the real deal when it comes to spotting evil doers anywhere near the compound. When he's on security detail we call him The Commander. Nothing escapes his watch. Squirrels, cats, joggers, birds, rabbits, cars..If it gets anywhere near the perimeter, he's all over it from his Command post recliner.
His job is to spot the offending "bad boy" then give a warning bark which alerts Howlin' Big Dog who then jumps up from his never ending nap ready to stomp some ass. Then they both run to the nearest window closest to the trouble and bark like idiots until I give them the all clear signal. If that dipshit hitlerchimp bush would have had a qualified top-notch security expert like Big Nakita Flodine instead of that bloated moron Tom Ridge in charge of homeland security we would have caught Osama in two days flat.


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