Sunday, December 25, 2005

Seems everyone has one....

So why not me? A Blog? Well like most of us that are barely hanging on to the illusion of being in the middle class, I'm busy!
I have bills to pay with a blue collar job. Mortgages, cars, credit cards, two kids in college and one more on the way there soon. You get the picture. Who else but the wealthy has the time to write a blog anyways? Who has time to do much of anything except struggle to keep their family clothed, housed and put food in their bellies? Or to quote our Supreme Commander G.W.Chimpy " I'm workin' hard to put food on my family"
I'm tired and busy g-dammit!
But alas, no more excuses, there are too many things that need to be said, too many lies that need to be exposed, too many truths being buried under the mountain of corporate fascist slime that has buried this country up to it's eyeballs in hypocrisy and deceit. Enough already. So today as we celebrate the baby Jebus's birthday with an orgy of consumerism gone insane I toss my two cents into the air and hope somebody is listening...


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