Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bush is drinking again.

After watching that video yesterday of the flaming shit-ball mocking wounded troops by comparing his head scratch to an actual battle wound, I finally figured out how he could be so detached from reality. To think it funny to do something like that in the presence of troops who were maimed because of his lies is beyond any understanding I have of human behavior. Besides being delusional he also exhibits perfectly all the symptoms of a sociopath. Read the symptoms for yourself and tell me it isn't so. Beyond these things, the only reason I can think of is he's drinking again. He looked hung over in that video yesterday. I think he banged his head again while drunk and ad-libbed that comment about his scratch so the press wouldn't ask him about it later. Look at his twitchy movements and puffed up red face. The fucking guy had alcohol poisoning going on. As a sidenote, I hope that nurse he fondled files a sexual harassment suit against that I-hate-women-lets-molest-them-on-camera assmunch.

Here is the official much longer video direct from the chimphouse: President Visits Troops at Brooke Army Medical Center. I love how he has to "consciously" remind himself he is not GOD. He actually said this to a reporter
QUOTE: "THE PRESIDENT: First of all, Mike, I'm conscious not to be trying to substitute myself for God."
WOW. What do you say to that anyway? Before you click the link above, how do you feel knowing that they track visitors to the site? Not in a harmless site-meter kind of way, but in a I-have-every-detail-of-your-entire-life-in-a-nanosecond kind of way. Not a pleasant feeling is it. Just remember according to the laws that are on the books right now the govt. has the right to rendition your ass to Gitmo or any other prison camp they deem necessary, with no explanation why, no admission of whether or not you're actually there, and no rule of law providing you with any legal counsel, recourse or representation. It is entirely up to commander chimps discretion and that is that. Me, I just don't trust the discretion or judgment of a drunken coke-head sociopath deciding whether or not I should get the cattle-prod-up-the-ass treatment over in Syria or any one of their other CIA Run Secret Prisons. But enough about what I think.

Here is the chimp in this 1992 wedding video excerpt--shot years after he supposedly stopped drinking cold turkey in July 1986 The Smoking Gun: Doofy Dubya: Only In America

Okay, this one is from some comedy show, obviously the video has been tweaked but It sure is funny. Here is Bush Drunk at a press conference.

We know for a fact that assmunch had at least one
drunk driving conviction and lied about it repeatedly.

This site has lots of reference material concerning Commander chimps closet full of Skeletons.

He's drunk, look out world.
The Truth Seeker - Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides


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