Saturday, January 07, 2006

Delay resigns. Bush still retarded.

A few things tonight...
Remember Paul Bremer the guy who raped the Iraqi's oil fields and stole at least nine billion $$ while he was administrator of the Iraq rebuilding effort? Looks like he's out promoting his new propaganda pamphlet. Here's a link at THE NEWS BLOG There are quite a few good comments there as well.
OMFG-d I thought bush had already said and done everything that would amaze and baffle me with his utter stupidity. Once again I misunderestimated that flaming shit-ball. Crooks and Liars has a clip of chimpy visiting the Brooke Army Medical Center for a photo-op with a captive audience. I say captive because they are missing their fucking limbs. Blown the fuck off in his quest for oil. He tries to sympathize with the wounded troops by saying he had been in combat too, with a fucking tree! There is more at NO QUARTER: The Battle of Cedar Gulch. I have never seen anyone look more fake, more detached from reality or more retarded than shrub. This really takes the cake. I'm almost stuttering trying to come up with a word to describe him.

Maybe this is his problem

This assmunch is a menace to the entire universe and we need to put him in prison. FOREVER. Please jebus, let this be the year these neocons reap what they have sown.

Even HowlinBigDog Chuck knows the truth.

I read it first at Night Bird's Fountain Delay is done. Message to Tom:
See you later asshole. I hope you rot in hell. Actually hell might be too nice of a place to spend your eternity, maybe something more like being forced to spend it surrounded by gay and lesbian progressives, brown people, liberals and poor people. You know, the people you hate Tom.
After a lifetime of fucking us over with your racism, ignorance and contempt I'm thinking you would like that a whole lot less than hell and sure would be fun to see. Oh and by the way Tom, Fuck you.

Last but not least:


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