Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dude, where'd my pants go?

Uh oh, presidential camel toe. Shhh! don't tell anyone. I'm thinking the SS guy that let that picture get taken on his watch got a new assignment somewhere very very unpleasant.
A little satire from buzzflash. I love these guys.
Jenna W. Bush: Following in Father's Footsteps?
I might be wrong but I think I see a pattern here.Party on Wayne!
It's probably not all her fault really if you look at Commander chimpys family photo album. That explains a lot of things. I'm pretty sure the chimp family has had more than their fair share of lucky breaks. But wait, yet another lucky break. Bush twin's alcohol citation dismissed after terms met.
If you can't pay off a judge, or use your position to intimidate them, you just might wind up in the big house, if so you are going to need the Bush Family Arrest & Prison Survival Guide: With Family Values Poster Children Jenna, Barbara, Noelle, Jebby and George P. Bush

On a more serious note..
I found this clip over at the Media Research Center They advertise themselves as being "The Leader in Documenting, Exposing and Neutralizing Liberal Media Bias" The funny thing is they have lots of clips showing lefties hammering bush apologists and underlings but use them as examples of" The worst type of reporting". Here is a short video of Terry Moran where asks the snarling cheny "I’d like to put this personally, if I can. You’re a grandfather. I’m a father. When we look at those girls and we think that the country we are about to pass to them is a country where the Vice President can’t say whether or not we have secret prisons around the world, whether water-boarding and mock executions is consistent with our values, and a country where the government is surveilling Americans without the warrant of a court is that the country we want to pass on to them?" The evil one did not look too happy about the question.
Somebody post a lookout for Terry who is most likely now bagging fries somewhere.

The latest AP poll tonight shows Democratic Congress Preferred by a majority.

And lastly for tonight, Rest in peace brother. My Lai Hero Hugh Thompson Jr. Dies at 62.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Comandante Agí said...

Wow. That was Jenna Bush's Bush!

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Lizzy said...


Just read about Thompson, may he be in a better place now and may their be more soldiers like him.


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