Sunday, January 01, 2006

I hope the New Year brings us peace.

Happy New Year!
I hope 2006 brings about the dismantling of the fascist regime and new hope for our troops to come home! Perhaps some of our leaders will grow some balls in 2006 and the mainstream media will start reporting the news as it happens, when truth might actually influence world events and not a year later.

I celebrated by practicing some yoga and watching Crash . It was disturbing, thought provoking and emotional. See what happens when we strip away all the politically correct nonsense and confront our prejudices head on. It isn't pretty but it's real.

I found one of my favorite clips of last year. It's from when Donahue went on the little billy orielly show and knocked his ass out.. This clip is a perfect example of what happens when an ignorant blowhard like billy confronts an intellectual like Phil. Substance vs. Gibberish. It's great stuff, I thought orielly's head was going to explode. Go have a look the video is at Crooks and Liars.

I found this article at Aquarian Conspirators. : No wonder I haven't heard the phrase "Don't be silly, wrap your willy" lately.
Those fundies aren't real big on science, or humor for that matter.

Here's one of my favorite chimp pictures. It's hard to believe Commander dip-shit is so bent on pushing intelligent design down our teachers throats when Darwins theory is so obviously at work here right in his family tree. Somebody start counting chromosomes please.

Last years Top Five dangerous morons from World O'Crap-"2005's Ultimate Wingnut": woo woo these people are fun to play with.

Just found this, holy shit these idiots are everywhere! The Poor Man Institute. Get your vote on - Chickenhawk of the Year
I voted for Rep. Jean Schmidt mainly because she's an idiot and too stupid to know when to shut up.

Here's the video of her stupidity in action, it's over at: Think Progress

And yes's hard to believe but...


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